Featured Project - house refurbishment, bothwell

This project is due to commence on site in 2015 and involves a wholesale refurbishment of an existing 1970's house built over 3 stories. The site is a steeply sloping hill with wonderful views to the south over a river running along the bottom of the garden

The design has been worked up closely with client and resolves some level difficulties with an entrance below street level as well as rationalising the internal layout and maximising the views as well as bringing sunligt into the heart of the building

Other Residential projects

We have a wealth of experience in all types of residentail projects and work regularly with developers as well as individual clients to provide the best possible solution for thieir ambitions and budget. Projects include housing developments, one-off houses, re-modelling, refurbishments and extensions.

We approach each project with a degree of openess and collaboration to quickly establish the clients requirements and formulate a brief.

We understand that each client is different.